Professional Hardscaping Services
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Custom Design

We design each project to fit your landscape and your home’s style.



Built for functionality such as a patio for outdoor gatherings or a retaining wall for landscape division.


Value Raising

Increase the value of your home by adding patios and walkways to your outdoor space.

Quality and Professional Lawn Mowing Company in Waukesha Wisconsin

Beautiful Outdoor Areas

Hardscapes don’t just look nice. They provide places for friends and family to gather and make memories. Add a patio to your backyard for Sunday football barbeques or a retaining wall with a flower bed. Whatever the need for improving your yard or property HPM Landscapes are the Mukwonago area’s hardscaping experts. 

Built to last

Our hardscape features are built to last. Henningsen Property Maintenance contractors never cut corners. We lay the proper foundation and use materials that will stand the test of time.

Our Outcropping Service

Outcropping is a service that places rocks or stones in a way that extends out of their base. You can see this on natural structures, such as on the side of bluffs here in Wisconsin. Outcropping has a very appealing natural look and can blend in well with the environment. Simply click the button below to get your free estimate!


Our lawn care crews professionally maintain lawns with mowing, trimming, edging, and even core aeration. Give your landscape the quality look it deserves on a consistent basis.

Learn more about our services here.

Professional Residential Lawn Mowing Company in Waukesha Wisconsin

Design & Installation

At HPM our patio and retaining wall installations have no limits. We use hardscape rendering to help our clients visualize how the project will look before installation. When the project is completed there will be no surprises, just satisfaction.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Mukwonago and Waukesha Wisconsin


There are many benefits to adding outcropping to your landscape. Outcropping prevents flooding, erosion, and is durable against the toughest of nature’s elements. If you are looking for easy maintenance, environmentally friendly hardscaping, outcropping is right for you.

Professional Core Aeration Services in Mukwonago

Patios & Walkways

We design and professionally install flagstone patios and interlocking pavers to match the aesthetic and feel of your home. Get creative with patios that have custom shapes, heights, and even include steps and levels. Henningsen Property Maintenance will get it done on time and on budget!

Lawn Dethatching Services in Waukesha

Retaining walls

Our retaining walls are both functional and aesthetic that come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and purposes. Whether you’re looking for a retaining wall to create a landscape division or incorporate a flower bed into your landscape, we’ll design and install any retaining wall you need.

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Quality Lawn Mowing in Waukesha Wisconsin
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Professional Lawn Striping Services in Waukesha
Professional Walkway Service in East Troy, WI
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Our Other Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

Professional Landscaping Company in Waukesha Wisconsin


Looking for something a little more than lawn care and maintenance? We design and install professional flower beds, remove trees and stumps, and install mulch.

Professional Hedge Trimming in Mukwonago Wisconsin

Seasonal Cleanups

We prepare your landscape for winter with professional leaf cleanups and shrub and plant pruning as well as get your landscape ready for a spring grand opening by cleaning up the damage done by winter.

Commercial Snow Removal Contractor in Waukesha

Snow Removal

We’re not just your lawn care and landscaping company, we’re also a full-service commercial property maintenance company with our snow and ice removal services.

Retaining Wall Installation Service in Waterford, WI

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn mowing services give you the custom cut and maintenance you’re looking for on a mowing and maintenance schedule that makes sense. 

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