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Lawn Mowing Services in Mukwonago Wisconsin

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Quality, being fast, and having the most efficient practices in mowing and maintaining your lawn is what makes Henningsen Property Maintenance the Mukwonago and Waukesha County lawn maintenance companies.

We provide professional commercial and residential landscape maintenance in the Waukesha County area that includes mowing, core aeration, bed weeding, and much more.

Henningsen Property Maintenance is your professional lawn care and property maintenance company. Simply click the button below to get your free estimate!

Full-Service Lawn Care and Maintenance

Our lawn care crews professionally maintain lawns with mowing, trimming, edging, and even core aeration. Give your landscape the quality look it deserves on a consistent basis.

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Mowing & Edging

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Mowing doesn’t have to basic or simply an outsourced chore. Our professional mowing services give your lawn the manicured look it deserves.

We keep our blades sharp for clean cuts that don’t leave your grass tips split or browning. We keep our mower decks raised so grass can grow strong and hearty root systems. And we put the professional, finishing touches that your lawn deserves like striping for those high-quality straight patterns.

Additionally, we’ll make sure all grass and debris are removed from non-turf areas as well as your sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds are edged for a crisp line.

Core Aeration

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Compacted soil creates an environment that is difficult for grass to grow. If you’re having problems getting seeds to germinate, thinning grass, water runoff, or soil erosion, then compacted soil could be the cause.

We’ll aerate your lawn using a core aerator to pull our soil plugs throughout your entire lawn to allow the soil to settle, creating an environment which grass roots can grow and penetrate deeper for more nutrients. It will also allow the ground to absorb more water, keeping areas from flooding.

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