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Spring Cleanup Services in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Complete Lawn Revitalization

Spring and fall cleanups aren’t just raking leaves and picking up sticks, at least not for us. We provide a complete seasonal cleanup service that prepares your lawn for harsh winters as well as brings it back to life for the spring.

It’s everything from trimming of shrubs and trees to pruning and shaping of perennials as well as complete flower bed cleanups.

Your landscape will look like it took a breath of fresh air and is ready to start a new year off strong. We’ll stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Our seasonal cleanups primarily take place just before the winter months start and right after the end heading into spring. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do cleanups in the summer. Whenever your landscape is in need of a cleanup or makeover, contact the professionals at Henningsen Property Maintenance to whip your yard back into shape.

Spring Cleanup

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Each tree, plant, and grass type handles the winter differently. As the experts in Waukesha County, Wisconsin,  we use the right commercial equipment and maintenance techniques unique to each plant and shrub.

Our spring cleanups include:

  • Shrub pruning
  • Perennial shaping
  • Flower bed cleanup
  • Flower bed weeding
  • Landscape and flower bed edging

Fall Cleanup

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Fall cleanups can become a burden, especially if you have multiple or large tree trees in your yard that drop leaves or pine needles.

Neglecting to clean up and dispose of leaves can cause them to kill your lawn during the winter when the snow packs them down. We’ll also clean out your gutters and prevent them from overflowing when the spring hits. In all, our fall cleanup services include:

  • Leaf, stick, and pine needle cleanup
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Trimming and pruning of shrubs and perennials
  • Bed and landscape edging
Spring Mulch Installation Services in Waukesha County, Wisconsin
Leaf Cleanup Services in New Berlin, Wisconsin
Flower Bed Cleanup and Mulch Services in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Our Other Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services

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Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn mowing services give you the custom cut and maintenance you’re looking for on a mowing and maintenance schedule that makes sense. 

Professional Hedge Trimming in Mukwonago Wisconsin


Looking for something a little more than lawn care and maintenance? We design and install professional flower beds, remove trees and stumps, and install mulch.

Commercial Snow Removal Contractor in Waukesha

Snow Removal

We’re not just your lawn care and landscaping company, we’re also a full-service commercial property maintenance company with our snow and ice removal services.

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Are you looking for a place for friends and family to gather and make memories? Add a patio or a custom fire pit to your backyard. At HPM we build hardscapes that are meant to last. 

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